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We'll sell your stuff for you, and take a cut of the sales revenue

Nothing to sell?  Schedule a pick-up and we'll donate/recycle it for you.

100% Virtual Consultations Available!

Clean Slate takes the stress out of your mess, by providing a customizable project plan to help you get rid of things you don't need in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

90% of Clean Slate customers sell enough unwanted items to  completely cover   the cost of our service!

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started -- we'll come up with an easy, step-by-step guide to get your project moving!






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What they're saying about Clean Slate


"Clean Slate helped my 11-year-old daughter get rid of so many things that I've tried to remove in the past. My daughter felt really good knowing her belongings were going to be donated to others who would value them. Our consultant, Lauren, walked her through the process and helped her make the right decisions. Lauren was extremely knowledgeable about what we could recycle, what was valuable enough to sell, etc.  Highly recommend this service to mom's who need a hand cleaning out their kids' rooms!"

Jada G.

"Clean Slate completely understood my timeline and constraints and adapted to my situation. They figured out where I could donate, sell and recycle items so I didn't have to throw hardly anything away. I would never have gotten out of my place in time without them!"

Will C.

"Lauren came over and helped me tackle my spare bedroom, which had basically become the junk drawer of my house! Without her help I would not have been able to clean out that room, let alone get started. She really got me to let go of all the extra stuff I didn't need, so I can actually enjoy the space now. Thanks to Clean Slate, I know have a home office instead of junk room!"

Rachel B.

"I needed to empty out a spare bedroom, closets, and storage unit before I moved into a new apartment.  My consultant clearly identified my priorities and helped me set goals with a manageable timeline. The best part was that I hardly had to throw anything away-- they provided resources for me to recycle and give away most of my things!  Honestly, if I tried doing it on my own, I probably would’ve ended up moving all that extra stuff to my next place."

Marybeth B.

 * If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, you may be entitled to claim a charitable deduction for your donations of clothing, household items, books, shoes etc. If the estimated total value of your donations is over $500, you will need to provide a detailed list of the items with their Fair Market Value, and for that, we've got you covered.